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The art of manure handling!

Veenhuis Machines B.V. develops and manufactures innovative agricultural machines for slurry application, handling and distribution.


Since 1938 Veenhuis has developed a strong marketposition based on innovation, quality and service. with Veenhuis machinery you are ensured of a solid and durable machine equipped with the newest technologies.


A Veenhuis machine is a profitable investment with its low costs, 5-years guarantee and high reliability.

Veenhuis evenementen
Düngung im Fokus des Landtechnischen Kolloquiums
Am 30. Januar 2014 findet im DLG-Testzentrum in Groß-Umstadt ein landtechnisches Kolloquium statt mit als Fokusthema ‚Düngung‘.Nach einer Begrüßung und Einführun...